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Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
November 13-15, 2012

The Associations of Star Alliance Pilots (ASAP) concluded their semi-annual Executive Board meeting in Vancouver, today. The Star Alliance is an airline marketing consortium currently consisting of twenty-seven member carriers. ASAP consists of the leadership of the pilot unions and associations at those carriers, which collectively represent approximately 50,000 pilots. Some thirty delegates from around the world were in attendance at the conference.

Several guest speakers addressed the body, including Mr. Seth Rosen, Industrial Advisor to the International Federation of Airline Pilots (IFALPA) and Director of the International Pilot Services Corporation, Captain Rod Lypchuk, the Executive Vice-President - Administration & Finance of IFALPA, and Mr. Bruce York, the Director of Representation of U.S. ALPA. They discussed the changing and enhanced role of the pilot alliances within IFALPA and industrial issues confronting pilots throughout the world.

Among issues discussed by the delegates during working sessions was the status of bargaining at SAS, Austrian and TAP, the possibility of industrial actions at those carriers and actions which ASAP might take to demonstrate its unified support for the pilots at those carriers. Finally, at this meeting, ASAP Industrial Sub-committee, consisting of those member associations which are legally permitted to and have an interest in industrial issues, discussed the interests of pilots at those carriers and what actions might be taken in response to the situations they confront.

As some Canadian operators increasingly look to foreign jurisdictions to source pilots and/or aircraft, ASAP calls upon the Government of Canada to institute measures to ensure the vitality of the proud Canadian piloting profession by promoting reciprocal access for Canadian pilots to those international labour markets in a measured and equitable fashion.

Captain Paul Strachan, President of the Air Canada Pilots Association, stated, "The airline industry is undergoing a seismic transformation across international boundaries that sees increasing levels of trans-national collaboration and/or ownership of airlines while pilot labour remains restricted by country-specific and widely varying labour and human rights regimes. Pilots around the world must come together to meet these threats in a focused and coordinated fashion."

First Officer Ron Abel of United, ASAPís Chairman, noted that, "The aviation industry is undergoing a transformation that is not merely once in a generation - it is a once-in-history change. It is critical that the pilots of Star act in concert to meet the challenges, both in safety and industrial relations, to ensure a positive outcome for the pilots of ASAP. I am very pleased that significant progress was made at this meeting."

First Officer Abel was re-elected to another term as Chairman and Captain Tim Robinson of Air New Zealand was elected Vice-Chairman. The next regular Executive Board meeting of ASAP will take place in Dublin, Ireland in April 2013.

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